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Upgrades & Tuning


Schooled and trained at the Hennessey Performance Engineering headquarters in Texas, we have gained great knowledge in doing performance upgrades.
We are also licensed to install their certified upgrade packages.
Share your wishes power or parts wise, and we’ll get back to you with a proposal!

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    How it works

    Bringing your car in for a modification, small or big, is an exciting thing in many ways. Trusting your precious possession in someone else his hands for “surgery” is exciting enough, and you want it to meet your expectations as well. That’s why we would like to let you know how we work.

    Phase 1

    You tell us your wishes, after which we advise and explain the possibilities. As soon is all is clear we will get back to you with a quote, and lead time for the project.

    Phase 2

    When you have brought us the car, she will be dyno'ed at first to see what kind of power she is making, and to make sure the engine is fresh and capable of handling the upgrades we have agreed to install.

    Phase 3

    The car will be washed, and the nose section will be covered with protective foil to protect its paint while it's receiving work. The modification will be installed, and the ``break-in`` of the parts is carefully done while the car is still in the service bay, where we check for leaks, weird noises or any other problem.

    Phase 4

    As soon as we know everything is in good working order the car will be tuned, and tested on the all-wheel drive dynometer. We then wash and clean the car again, so she can be delivered back to a happy customer!

    Thinking about modifying your ride? Contact us for information on the possibilities of upgrading your vehicle.

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