DYNO Tuning and Testing

A lot of companies promise huge power gains, or claim their upgrades make so many horsepowers.
We however like to prove ourselves. Included with every upgrade is a dyno test before and after the upgrade, so we can see the difference.

Another big advantage of a dyno meter is that you can measure everything your car is doing under load, but in a safe environment vs racing on the streets, with a codrive who has to hold the laptop and fear for his life at the same time.

If you are not planning any upgrades, but you just want to know what power your car is REALLY making, or if you feel she is not running right, we can also help you out with a dyno test.

Hennessey Performance Upgrades

Want to have Hennessey Performance Upgrades installed, but dont want to ship your car to the US? You have come to the right place!

We are schooled and trained at the Hennessey Performance headquarters in Texas, and therefore the perfect place to have your Hennessey upgrades installed when living in Europe.

Hennessey upgrades consist of engine/transmission upgrade, suspension upgrades, body upgrades, all of the highest standard available.



All cars are tuned using HPtuners. We are also an authorised dealership for HPtuners Europe.


Exclusive dealer for Steeda Europe in the Netherlands and Belgium.