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680hp Corvette C7 Z06



Super Support!

Great service again! We drove 2 of our cars (700hp turbocharged Challenger SRT, and brand new Corvette C7 Z06) there from Bulgaria for upgrade, dyno tuning, full inspection, and maintenance. On the Challenger also the transmission was fully rebuilt with stronger components. The Z06 they even did upgrades, and tuning, and got to drive back home with much more power the same weekend! Now we have lots of fun with our cars on the race track!!! Thanks again Freek and see you soon with my new race car. These guys know what mean more fun – it means more power

700hp Turbo Challenger SRT8
680hp Corvette C7 Z06


600+ HP Dodge Challenger SRT8



Red carpet and orchestra

My name is Alexander, I’m from Russia.
Some years ago I decided to buy sport car, and I choosed American muscul car – Dodge challenger SRT8.
This car MUST to be tuned. When I got it, I immediately started looking for the place to tune up the engine. I checked the internet and found Hammink Perfomance company. I send e-mail to them. They response immediately. I never been in Netherlands before, so I did not find any another company to compare prices and services, just bought tickets to ferry and started my journey. Just try imagine this -you driving car with friends to tune it and you drive it to Amsterdam where you can really take a rest ))
After I arrived I was met with red carpet and orchestra. Just joke ))
I leave my car and go back home. Every day I got a photoreport about how does the work go.
I took my car back in a months. And I still drive it (almost six years) The engine works like a clock. Really love it.
And I want to say big thanks to Freek H. one more time. And want to invite him to Saint-Petersburg to compare the rest in Amsterdam ))

Cadillac CTS-V



Le Monstre

The Cadillac CTS-V of our customer Giorgi I. returned home a couple of weeks ago.
Giorgi was well speaked about the V600 upgrade:
“I received the car…and let me tell you – it is GREAT !
I drove the car for an hour, and from the first moment you can feel the extra power – not necessarily in delivery, but how the car gains the speed; it feels much more lighter and nimble because of the extra hp/torque..but of course the speed is also there…on the relatively short stretch of road where I usually barely go up to 220 from the roll(60), the car did 260..
If before you could have called this car a wild beast, now you can call it the same name as french kids living in my house – “Le Monstre” ))
And then there is the sound – absolutely mind blowing with the cutouts open.. better than I can ever imagined…for me one of the best sounding V8’s nowadays come from AMG and with the cutouts open the car does sound like a track-prepped Black Series AMG. And with the cutouts closed, the Corsa Sport has a nice burble to it too, but you can enjoy more the blower whistle.
Can’t wait to get back from my vacation an see what it can do on the track and autobahn!
All in all, thank you guys and your whole team..

645 HP Camaro SS

The Netherlands


Adrenaline rush!

A while back when I went to pick up my new Ford F250, they had a gen5 Camaro in their showroom. I had always found this a great car, but this was a V6 automatic in black, it was just not right for me. I requested them to call me if they would ever stumble upon a yellow one with a manual transmission. Shortly after I received a message “come check this out” and I was glad I did, I was sold, and so was the Camaro!

And than the next fase, supercharger? No, that may be to much… Maybe just heads and cam, yeah, thats what I wanted! Been searching the internet for a while when I found Hennessey Performance, quickly sent them an email, which was replied with “please contact our dealer Hammink Performance in the Netherlands”. So I called, and got to speak to a very enthousiastic technician who invited me to come over, to discuss the possibilities.

An appointment was swiftly made, and shortly after we were sitting around the table where I was pleasantly surprised by the knowledge of the company! “Maybe a supercharger after all?” I asked.This time again they surprised me, with a good price for the job this time. “yes! It will be a supercharger!” I said, and since there was some room left in my budget I said, “add some longtubes as well!”

When we picked up the Camaro afterwords, everything had been installed very proffesionally. The permagrin I got after starting her up for the first time has till now not been removed from my face! Well over 600hp, the supercharger “whine” and the roaring longtubes are the best investment I ever made for a good mood, hell, a drive in this quality machine equals a whole week of fun!

Thank you Hammink Performance for the adrenaline rush. Job wel done, and I am pretty sure to be back for a next upgrade, maybe add heads and cam as well???