Chevrolet Kingswood 350 V8

This beautiful Kingswood was imported from Germany. We handled the Dutch registration for the customer. We also fully serviced the car, and some modifications, like installing brighter headlights, and new wheels and tires.

The one big maintenance issue with electric cars is that their batteries last for approximately 100,000 miles. Past it, the batteries need to be replaced. No other issues requires a higher expenditure than this. These cars have an electric motor that propels the car. Apart from it, there are about six or seven parts which together as whole help to rotate the wheels.

Another common issue with electric cars is the eventual wearing out of motor brushes owing to constant friction. After every fifty to sixty thousand miles, they need to be replaced. Hence, the electric car owners should ensure that the car is frequently inspected by a skilled and knowledgeable repair service station like Auto to ensure a smooth and hassle-free glide.