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Hammink Performance: Specialist In American Vehicles / Classics  / Hammink Performance & HARC are investigating possibilities for racing series with replica race cars from the 50’s, the 60’s, and 70’s.

Hammink Performance & HARC are investigating possibilities for racing series with replica race cars from the 50’s, the 60’s, and 70’s.

Press release

Hammink Performance and the HARC are investigating the possibilities for a racing series with replica’s of race cars from the 50’s, the 60’s, and 70’s.

We have showed our Cobra and Daytona replica on many motorsport events, and the question we received the most was in which series these cars could be raced, so we went looking for that answer.
The thing is that these cars are not allowed to race in any historic series, despite their classic looks, they are not originals. We think that should change, and many enthusiasts agree with us!

We have presented the idea of a race series with replica’s to the HARC (Historic Auto Race Club) which organises the historic racing events in the Netherlands in a cooperation with Circuit Park Zandvoort, and TT Circuit Assen. In the Netherlands the HARC is the oldest organisation to host official races for historic cars.

Our idea has been discussed during a board meeting of the HARC, and was received with enthusiasm. Because if this we brought our car to the National Oldtimer Festival at Zandvoort. We drove a demo around the track and had our cars looked at by the HARC and the people responsible for the technical inspection at Circuit Park Zandvoort

Both parties have now agreed that a race series with replica’s of classic race cars is definitely something for the HARC, and we will now do our best to make it happen.

We are looking for approximately 15 enthusiastic racers/gentleman drivers, who would like to race a replica. The idea is not to just run Cobra, and Daytona replica’s but to have a nice diverse field Hammink Performance will also offer Porsche, Lotus, GT40, Jaguar, Corvette, or other replica’s from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. (we will offer either fully built, race ready cars, or just the kit, so you can build them yourself, or have them built for you) If you already own a replica you can of course also sign up!

These replica’s do not have to be a 100% original, and they will not have a HTP (Historic Technical Passport)

In the beginning of this project it will also be possible to enter street versions of these replica’s and it will also be possible to drive trackdays of the HARC. In that case a racing license is not mandatory.
Obviously all replica’s will be checked for the standard safety demands.

As soon as the number of subscriptions will pass the 20 cars, we will transfer to an independent race series. At this time the cars will have to comply to FIA safety regulations

Are you interested to race a replica of a classic race car in this new series, or do you wish to receive more information about racing a Cobra or a Daytona replica? Please contact Freek Hammink of Hammink Performance.

+31-529-466 156
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Facebook page Hammink Performance https://www.facebook.com/hamminkperformance/
Facebook page Cobra replica race cars https://www.facebook.com/cobraracecars/

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  • Chris Matthams
    August 4, 2018 at 10:46 am

    Great idea – power to your arm!

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