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Serving 3 customers at once in the most south east corner of Germany

Last weekend we made another amazing road trip! The initial goal was to pick up a turbocharged Silverado with a broken transmission, under the smoke of the Czech Republic near the Austrian border, in most South East corner of Germany.

Friday morning we drove off, our first stop would be at one of our Camaro customers. (more like carguy friend) Where we arrived just in time for dinner. After finishing the delicious taco dinner we made some adjustments to the transmission controller of the Camaro, as the customer desired some changes for racing. When finished we had a beer in the garage standing around the car and obviously talking about cars.

The next morning after this time a delicious breakfast we head out to travel even further south west where we picked up the Silverado from our newest customer. We discussed the car for a bit, and loaded it up to head back home.

On the way back we stopped at Wurzburg, where we met yet another new customer, for who we will be working on his Cobra. Again we discussed the car, but this time there was no loading up trailers since the car was fully driveable, and we were lucky enough to get to drive to Cobra all the way back home! How cool is that!

Lots of hours later when we arrived back in Holland safely in the middle of the night, we were looking back on a very fun (but tiring) trip, and are looking forward to the next one!

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