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From Paris we took the Corvette back home

A while back after visiting the LeMans race weekend in France, we drove back via Paris to visit one of our customers who owns a Factory Five 818S, a Corvette C5, and a Mustang GT.

From Paris we took the Corvette back home, so we could do some work on it.

We changed the exhaust and installed cut-out valves. We also installed a ram air intake to accomodate the race cam shaft and ported heads it already had. Also installed an AFR and fuel pressure gauge in the A pilar.

For the looks we added a nice gloss black wrap to the targa bar and roof which make the car look really fast.

Also did a full service on the car with all new fluids and filters.

Now we delivered the car back to Paris, and got to ride the Mustang back home! How cool is that!? The Mustang will also receive a number of cosmetic and performance upgrades.

Stay tuned for the progress!

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